Tuesday, February 3, 2009

DKs and regulation school knickers.

I have been fascinated  with  school knickers since I was a small boy in infant school. Later I discovered those wonderful garments known as Directoire knickers.  I wear both types to the complete  exclusion  of any type of men's underwear and have done so all my life. 

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  1. My involvement with knickers began at the age of six or seven when my sister and her friend, who were two years older than me and my friend, decided to entertain our parents. They made us dress up for this entertainment in girls white cotton interlock knickers; the long ones with the elasticated legs. I think we were supposed to be pixies. Naturally, both us boys were embarrassed to have to wear knickers, especially as we were to appear in only the knickers and a top. Although I was embarrassed I found that I loved the feel of the elastic gripping my thighs just above my knees as I moved.
    I was hooked, although I daren't admit it! Later when a parcel of clothing arrived in the post (wartime clothes rationing encouraged every one to pass on clothing on to friends or relatives) to my delight it contained a pair of navy blue knickers, just like the white ones I had fallen in love with before. I promptly retired with them to the area underneath the steel table which served as our air raid shelter (It was called a Morrison shelter.) and tried these knickers on. My dad caught me while I was wearing them and in an attempt to discourage such 'unnatural' behaviour, gave me a good hiding .
    This had the opposite effect to what he intended I am sure, because some years later in my teens I started wearing knickers on a regular basis. I used to buy them in ladies lingerie shops then and I remember many an embarassing encounter with the formidable ladies that always reigned over such establishments .
    I am now 73 years old and still loving directoire knickers. If my dad only knew the effects of that thrashing! I guess he thought he was doing the right thing at the time. That was one thrashing I didn't mind though, in retrospect. ( grin)